Archtober is upon us! 🍁✏

#12 Get your sketching pens ready, working in architecture can be tough so let's talk about it.

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Yo, What's up! Joseph here

What’s going on y’all! Did you feel it? Fall is here and it’s getting cooler and I’m loving it! It also means October is starting soon and that means Archtober is going down! I’m keeping this week’s newsletter pretty short because I really want you to know about Archtober and how you can participate!

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Video of the Week 🎥

Life, am I right? One minute you think you know what you've planned for your future in architecture and then the next you realize it's not at all what you thought.. or sometimes it's better! I list out the 3 misconceptions I had while in school about working in architecture.

For those of you in school now, what do you think working will be like? What might you be worried about? I’d love to get this discussion going and help you navigate your way through school.

From the Socials 📲

🍁 it’s almost that time again! October is almost here! In the world of artists and illustrators, this month is referred to as #inktober . After seeing the creativity and passion that comes from this community every year I decided I wanted to join in but challenge the architecture community to grow and keep creating with me.

✏️Welcome to #Archtober20 . For the next 31 days, there is a prompt for every day and I invite you to sketch, write, photograph, or just create something! Use each topic and create what YOU think it means. . 🗓 Every post shared with me or that I’m tagged in on Instagram will live in my Archtober highlight. Don’t forget to tag me, @joseph.ech and use #Archtober20 to be featured!!

This video explains my goals for Archtober and how you can participate.

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