"Ghosts" in Architecture

#17 Ghost kitchens, VR, and a Youtube Video

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Video of the Week 🎥

Late last week I filmed an Instagram TV video and shared it with everyone there. The topic was about the different routes you can take in your career with a background in architecture. I just had this conversation the other day with a previous professor of mine and she asked me if I was still going to consider getting licensed as an architect or just venture out into video and content creation within architecture?

Given that it’s a valid question for me, I figured a lot of you would find the question and answer interesting as well!

For now, my answer is yes, I do plan on getting licensed. BUT I’m not going to give up creating content or producing videos because of it. I really like the idea of going with the flow, you know? If an opportunity pulls me towards making videos and documenting some great architecture, I’m okay with that. I can always go back and find a job in an architecture office somewhere if need be.

So, this week’s Youtube video, I talk about the different possibilities you have with architecture school experience!

Article of the Week 📚

Reef Technology Raises $700M to Reinvent the Neighborhood, Including Ghost Kitchens

Typically, articles where business get acquired or find funding can be hit or miss for me. Sometimes they are interesting and other times it’s just down right mean to see an idea that I had be valued at millions of dollars while I sit here typing out this newsletter… 😣 the struggle!

Anyways, Reef Tech, which turns underutilized urban space into what it calls “neighborhood hubs,” is doing what lots of us working in city centers wish would happen. Reef started out as ParkJockey, they used to manage parking lots.. and what can someone do with lots and lots of empty surface parking lots… hmm 🤔

The idea is to turn these underutilized spaces in cities into hubs for local neighborhood businesses. Think town square of olden days, only in this version it’s equipped with shipping containers that hold kitchens and stores and powered by software.

The idea of activating un-used spaces goes way back, like I mean my undergrad thesis in 2015 kind of back! But seriously, in the late 50’s when Victor Gruen graced us with the American Mall, a wave of large empty parking lots were born. This movement made it’s way back into the city center and many lots haven’t changed. Reef wants to occupy these spaces, pay the “rent” for a parking spot for the day and place Reef shipping containers and retail shops in their place. Making use of un-used spaces and providing new food and entertainment options to the urban core.

In Reef’s case, its kitchens also provide employees to prep the food in addition to physical space. The company has over 100 kitchens across 20 markets in North America. Between the ongoing pandemic and the new influx of investment, those numbers will rise quickly in the coming months. 

I’m pretty sure I came up with this idea first but none the less, I’m glad to see it being implemented and can’t wait to visit some ghost kitchens in my city center 🤗


Thought of the week 💭

Big Tech Snags Hollywood Talent to Pursue Enhanced Reality

The video of the week was heavily influenced by this article. Unfortunately I don’t have a subscription to the Wall Street Journal but the snippet and video available was enough to get me thinking.

Part of my experimental research revolves around architecture in the digital space and where the theoretical and physical line begins and ends in design. I firmly believe there is a world where architects are needed that is purely digital. A place where materials and gravity know no bounds and architecture can reach it’s fullest potential of creating space.

Let me know your thoughts on this, I’d love to discuss and go deeper on the subject!


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