Once Upon A Time...

#2 How to tell a story in architecture and save the world from your couch!

📚Let’s Talk About Storytelling

Storytelling is now more important than ever during this pandemic. Everyone is watching and listening because let’s face it, we’re bored and are all out of our comfort zone! As life long learners, let's examine our work and create a new narrative for what we are doing. Let's reveal the passion that we put into our work whether it's through detail drawings or writing project descriptions; why not communicate the pride that we have in our projects? Why not tell the story?

The basis of all good stories is conflict. Architecture is finding a solution, the inherent tension between the idea, and the final built project. What solution are you working towards? What conflict can you tell us about and how are you going to present it? A good story should,

Comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable. as said by Cesar A. Cruz

Go out there and Shoot your Shot! but with intention…

🌎Save The Earth By Sitting On Your Ass

I just finished watching the Netflix series Down to Earth with Zac Efron and let me tell you, WOW! Mind Blown!💥 The premise of the show is, actor Zac Efron travels around the world with a wellness expert, Darin Olien, to find healthy, sustainable ways to live. When it comes to building architecture, there is an episode where they visit Puerto Rico and touch upon the building systems that saved many lives. It may seem obvious but harnessing the power of the sun through 50 PVC (solar) Panels was enough power to help one of the many neighborhoods survive!

Now imagine if we all harvested solar power? Imagine if we all took care of wildlife and re-introduce plant life into the concrete jungle we work in?

These little changes can help reverse the negative effects of global warming! But I know not everyone can do the work or has the time so here's where Earthly comes into play. Don't worry, this isn't a sponsored ad or anything! Earthly is a plug-in that works with your browser and whenever you have an open tab, ads run in the background and the money generated gets donated! You can literally sit at your computer and do nothing to help a Gold Standard certified project raise funds to make a change.

Earthly Link

Check it out and let me know what you think! Also, give the show a watch! The host, Darin Olien, he's a complete badass doing some amazing things. So look him up too.

I hope you enjoyed my Ted Talk, drop a comment below and let me know what story you want to tell and how I can possibly help you tell it!