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#13 My experiences, SO-IL is so ill, and Twitter hits us with a thought provoking question like always..

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Did you notice? If you don’t know what I’m talking about then just keep scrolling 😅. If you do know then… last week was a blimp of a week and went by soo fast that I forgot to create a post! Sorry!!! But an interesting thing happened, I had an increased amount of subscribers for the week... hmm should I take a “break” more often..? lol nah.. Anyways!!! Let’s get to it 💪

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That's right, I got a text Friday morning with a photo of a huge mistake that was taken on site. Now let me remind you that this is the first full project I've ever worked on so I'm finally getting to see how the whole design then build process works.

Now, this photo was of an A/C unit that has to go on the roof of the building I worked on.. problem is that the unit was taller than me! It was a monster.. and well if I would have reviewed the selected AC unit as one should on the architecture team. Lesson #1 of this article, Review all of the discipline's work and ask questions when unsure.. We as the architecture team have to know every detail about the building even if it's not our specialty! That doesn't sound right..right? Well, it is, and it falls into the whole liability legal gray area of the law.

Luckily, everyone noticed that something was wrong with this picture and the AC units were damages upon arrival (gah that really saved my ass). This all meant that we had a second chance to fix the problem, work with MEP to get a smaller unit, and deliver on the final product at the quality we demand. So yeah, if I had reviewed those documents with a fine-tooth comb, I wouldn't have been in this situation. I guess you live and you learn and you hope that you don't get fired...

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SO - IL and Shenton Architects complete a porch-wrapped sanctuary on Long Island's North Fork

SO-IL has done it again! But this time, with an interesting architectural feature. This residential project features a complete wrap around porch, something that we typically see in plantation type homes in the South. An interesting take on something more than just a modern contemporary home in Long Island, a sweet project!

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