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#11 Baby Steps but we're getting there! A podcast, Article, and life update.

From the Curator 😎💻

Yo, What's up! Joseph here

Things are finally coming full circle for me. I started my Youtube channel with the intent to help educate and inform future architecture students. At some point in time, I really got into the idea of educating students and fell into the rabbit hole of wanting to become a professor. Now that’s still a goal of mine but I knew I would have to take a different route. I don’t necessarily fall into the typical professor framework and although these “frameworks” are being shattered all the time, I knew I wanted to do it differently. I used my Youtube videos as ways to be a professor on my own means and teach what I want to teach. I was just invited to be a guest lecturer for my old school and teach a session on publication in architecture. Pretty cool for two reasons, 1. I get to teach! in a real (virtual) class! 2. I get to teach students how I used Youtube as a platform to publish my journey in architecture and use it for work. People seem to look down on those who try to pursue Youtube as a career but it’s actually possible! I’m not turning Youtube into my career but I am using it to leverage my future and I’m over the moon with this opportunity. I’ll keep y’all updated!

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From the Socials 📲

Archtober is almost here!!!

Last year I put together this list of prompts for every day for the month of October. It was inspired by the popular Inktober but became more of a reason for me to keep sketching and share those sketches with everyone. To my surprise, lots of people joined in and shared their daily sketches with me on Instagram. You can view the submissions under my #Archtober highlight reel.

I’m almost finished with this year’s list and I’ll be posting it soon! I hope you decide to join me and other designers in this year’s Archtober sketches and get better with us all!

Article of the Week 📚

Faulkner Architects: 'The Site Will Tell Us What to Do. We Listen.'

Greg Faulkner. All images courtesy of Faulkner Architects.

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Do you know Faulkner Architects? This article is probably the closest thing to flipping one of those old architecture books published by old architects in your old library but it’s full of AMAZING work! Know what I mean? Archinect sits down with Greg Faulkner and they talk about how Faulkner Architects got started, biggest challenges, and how they get inspired to create beautiful work. It’s a good read and an awesome time flipping through images. Enjoy!

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Podcast of the Week 🎙

Women in Architecture with Julia Gamolina

Julia Gamolina is dedicated to the built environment and the visibility and advancement of the women who work in it. She is the Director of Strategy at Trahan Architects, and also the Founder and Editorial Director of, an online publication that celebrates the contribution of women in the architecture sector. The blog post interviewing Neri Oxman that I featured recently was by Madame Architect.

Julia made some really great points in this interview, one being that we as designers/architects we have a large bank of knowledge and skills that we’ve acquired! We are faceted and can adapt to any position or job after architecture. The second was the weird feeling when you’re sitting at your new job and being asked to design. So many doubts run through your head like “do I really know these programs” “can I actually design”? There is a frozen feeling when now you’re under pressure and being tasked to do what you went to school for and it’s not easy. It’s okay! Soon enough you’ll get back into the rhythm and design, like it’s 1, am with less than 3 hours of sleep lol

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